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IP Phones


Cisco IP Phones  & VOIP Phones for Worldwide Unified Communication

Effective collaboration empowers business to communicate with the right people to achieve the highest business goals. Melbourne Global Systems offers Cisco IP Phones and VOIP Phones so that our client stay ahead in the competitive curve. We bring you the latest and the most advanced Ip Phone solutions from Cisco that are designed to meet the needs of the employees of the organization.

VOIP and IP phones represent a significant future of collaboration that has become vital for the success of a business enterprise. Connectivity has evolved from voice chats to video technology, offering virtualised, mobile, and integrated ways to communicate. With our Cisco IP/VoIP phones, users can seamlessly switch between mobile and desk phones, connect with tablet devices and multiple conferences through different interoperating services.

We offer a range of Cisco IP phones to our clients that are beneficial to the particular business. To decide the right IP/VoIP phone series, we first understand the nature and scope of your business and then suggest a suitable Ip Phone that aligns with your organization’s activities.

The Cisco VOIP Phones portfolio offers:

  • HD Video- face-to-face interaction on a geographical level
  • A complete range of basic and full-featured IP phones that offer comprehensive solutions to innovative systems
  • Single and multi-line VoIP
  • Centralised management solutions
  • A multitude of deployment options including cloud-based systems, on-premise solutions, hybrid deployments and more
  • A customised IP experience with numerous business features

If you are a new client of Cisco IP Phone solutionS, we at Melbourne Global Systems will walk you through the entire process of selection and installation of a new IP Phone system. Cisco is the top dealer in the world for voice and video equipment dealings in unified communications categories, including conferencing and voice messaging.

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